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Shop for the best sneakers on the market at All Sole Up! All sizes & styles are sold at the shows & attendees have so many options to choose from. Footwear, apparel, art, accessories, etc!



Vendors & attendees can sell sneakers, art, fashion accessories, clothing & sneaker-related accessories at All Sole Up!



Trade your sneakers with vendors & other attendees!

Ready to Go...

We are excited about partnering with you at All Sole Up! Access the vendor agreement form below to get started.

Vendor Agreement Form

Vendor Form

I acknowledge the opportunity to vend at The All Sole Up is accompanied by rules and the violation of ANY of the rules listed below will result in termination of my vendor contract.

- I acknowledge all information entered in this form is 100% true and accurate.

-All vendors are required to only sell merchandise that is 100% AUTHENTIC. Items that are deemed as counterfeit by The All Sole Up staff or patrons of the event will result in the immediate termination of my vendor contract and the vendor will be escorted from the venue.

-Outside tables, alcohol, food, balloons and music/DJ/sound system are not allowed in The All Sole Up.

-Vending anything that is illegal in the state of Virginia will also result in the termination of a vendor contract.

-All vendor agreements are final after payment and under no circumstance will refunds be given unless the event is postponed, cancelled due to venue or weather related purposes.

-Vendors are responsible for their own sales as The All Sole Up is not responsible for the generation of any vendor's revenue at the event. -The All Sole Up is not responsible for any stolen or lost goods. Please be vigilant of your items.

-Live models that possibly may reveal nudity by their attire are not allowed at The All Sole Up.

-The All Sole Up is a drug free environment and any trace that a vendor may have drugs present at the event or is under the influence of drugs while engaging with a patron will lead to termination of your vendor contract.

-The All Sole Up name and Logo is property of The All Sole Up, LLC.

-The All Sole Up and staff reserves the right to photograph or video record items that are brought by participating vendors. The All Sole up may use such images or video at its discretion without authorization or compensation. 


September 3rd, 2022

Don't worry we're excited too. Please check back soon to purchase your ticket for All Sole Up!

Virgina Beach Convention Center
1000 19th st VA. Beach, VA 23451